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Transforming the Telecom Industry with Chatbots and AI. Using chatbots, AI, and ML to help Telecoms build stronger, more loyal customer relationships.

Chatbots are Transforming the Telecom Experience

Modern telecom company customers are showing a growing preference to real-time customer service through self-service applications or instant chat functionality. Traditional phone services are no longer meeting the needs of this growing user base. This is an opportunity for telecoms to stand out as service leaders while driving down the cost of providing these services.

This is the power of the intelligent chatbot. Through natural language processing, machine learning, and access to historical account data, AI based chatbots can provide 24/7 text or voice assistance to telecom customers in their native language offering faster and more customized results. Chatbot can manage customer accounts, change plans, initiate services, open tickets, check balances, recharge prepaid cards, or make predictive service offerings.

Unlock the Power of Conversational Chatbot Support

Service calls are needlessly complex and time intensive. They often involve multiple departments with inconsistent levels of knowledge, authority, or customer care. Wait times at service centers can take over an hour.

By harnessing the power of intelligent chatbots, telecoms can provide instant, personalized access to account services, promotions, or predictive technical support based on available real-time service data dramatically reducing resolution time. With a personality that reflects your telecom’s brand, style, and values, your chatbot stays consistent across any access channel like mobile app, text, email, your website, and more to follow your consumer through their telecom experience.

A chatbot personality offering telecom customers personalized services at each interaction like a personal assistant creates a relationship with customers that resonates loyalty creating a brand advocate. The BlackStone eIT chatbot experts and chatbot platform make the planning and execution process easy providing a rapid ROI.

Telecom Chatbot Advantages

Quicker Resolution

Cut resolution time from days to minutes for most inquires.

Consolidated Support

No more phone transfers - multipurpose chatbots can handle most inquiries end-to-end.

Personalized Experiences

Chatbots use big data, ML, and live customer data for predictive solutions or sales suggestions.

Concierge Service

Like a friend, chatbots remember your name and your previous conversations allowing you to continue where you left off – no more starting over with each inquiry.

Simplified Account Setup

Chatbots can extract critical data from required documents to fill out forms while authenticating.

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