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BlackStone eIT brings the Smart to Smart Robotics with its Smart Robotics Library

Smart Robotics Advantages


Adds the ability for the robot to recognize voices and faces, associate names, and authenticate security authorization when fulfilling requests.

Role-Based Services

Through authentication, role-based authorization can give higher level personnel access to higher level functionality

Enterprise Data Access

The Smart Robotics Library client has secure access to enterprise data to answer questions and perform transactions

Natural Voice Communication

The intelligent personal assistant can communicate in a natural language style to access functionality

Bringing Intelligent Robot Assistants to the Enterprise

Artificial intelligence made its debut in the enterprise offering virtual assistance in the form of chatbots and schedulers. BlackStone eIT is stepping past the virtual assistant to offer full robotic assistants that can perform complex tasks in 3D space. Imagine a robotic receptionist that can welcome guests, check them in, and escort them to a meeting room. Imagine an HR robot that can assist and authorize employees in scheduling vacation time. This is just a couple of scenarios that can be accomplished by extending a smart robot with the BlackStone eIT Smart Robotics Library.

Moving the Enterprise into the 21st Century

With the advent of AI, smart robots are getting smarter and able to accomplish more than just repetitive mechanical tasks. However, to be truly enterprise smart, robots need to be enterprise connected. Through secure enterprise connectivity and authentication, Smart Robotics Library enhanced robots are now aware of who they are talking to and their level of authorization to be able to respond properly to commands.
With situational as well as locational awareness along with campus mapping, these robots are truly mobile and able to accomplish tasks at a distance. A receptionist robot can escort guests to an employee’s office or even provide waiting room guests with a bottle of water. A robotic assistant can also retrieve an item from an office for a meeting or deliver mail.
These use cases are just the beginning of the possibilities. What the Smart Robotics Library offers the enterprise robot user is a library of functionality that can be built upon to create more complex options tailored to the needs of an individual enterprise.
BlackStone eIT is not only offering the library for others to use, we are offering an end-to-end solution. We are providing the already enhanced robots plus the ability to customize for specific enterprise needs.

How Smart Robotics Works

The Smart Robotics Library is implanted as a client on each robot and as a server in the enterprise environment. The robot’s authentication process offers data access to users through the server based on the user’s enterprise authorization. This allows the robot to complete tasks or transactions that users have authorization to complete and access to user level data to respond to inquiries. The default functionality is set to guest privileges until user authentication offers additional functionality.

BlackStone eIT offers

Face/Voice Recognition

Our robots are aware of who they are talking to offering security and contextual awareness

Enterprise Integration

Integrate with existing business systems to transact or offer requested data

Object Recognition with OCR

Allows robots to be situationally and contextually aware of its surroundings

Support for Arabic

We support Arabic and 30 other languages

Virtual Personality

Program your robot with a personality that reflects your company’s brand, style, and values

Locational Awareness

Robots are aware of where they are and how to get where then need to go while navigating office traffic

Watch these two quick demo videos that showcase the power of chatbots, and explain how you can get started with your own process optimizing chatbot.

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