Smart Analytics

Evolving from a BI Self-Service Model to Smart

Pre-2005 era business intelligence (BI) evolved on the back of the cloud era to bring BI out of the board rooms through a self-service analytics model to a broader set of power users and analysts serving the business units. Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) is once again moving the needle to smart analytics which offers BI to yet a broader set of technical and business users for greater overall value.

These emerging capabilities are making BI, analytics, and data-driven decision-making that much more accessible, understandable, and actionable for non-technical business users. They are taking advantage of the growing list of smart, ML- and AI-powered prescriptive applications for sales, marketing, HR, supply chain, logistics, and more. Data analysis through these applications can be tuned to deliver recommended next steps or even to automate actions to drive desired outcomes.

Turn Big Data into Smart Insights

Data is an organization’s most valuable resource. While we are already generating tremendous business value from this data – the advent of the Internet of Things, increased connectivity, and improved analytics means this value is only increasing as our data grows at an unprecedented pace. To gain and maintain a competitive advantage, it is critical to unlock the significant opportunities lying in our data for enhanced situational awareness, improved forecasting, and better business decisions.

Our smart analytics solutions turn big data into smart insights so analysts can focus on driving intelligent business decisions rather than searching data. Our easy to use solutions also extend BI to a broader set of business users for greater overall value. Our customizable vertical focused solutions ease deployment and user adoption.

The BlackStone eIT smart analytics experts and platform make the planning and execution process easy providing a rapid ROI.

Unleash your big data

The BlackStone eIT Smart Analytics platform offers a scalable cloud backend with a powerful AI suite of tools for rapid development and deployment. Extended your analytic solutions with our ecosystem of advanced functionality such as video or voice authentication, contextual facial or object recognition for situational awareness, or IoT asset management.

Our platform was designed to ease integration with your data systems to collect, verify, analyze, and report insights in real-time to generate actionable intelligence. BlackStone eIT also offers proven and customizable vertical focused smart analytics solutions to simplify delivery and optimize results.

Use smart analytics to collect and analyze data trends over time to help make better decisions about your market, products, and services.

Smart Analytics Advantages

Smart analytics help improve business decisions through


Find hidden related groups within your dataset by automatically identifying and measuring common attributes

Decision Trees

Understand the different combinations of data attributes that result in a desired outcome to optimize outcomes

Column Dependencies

Rank correlation strength of data attributes - age, location, gender, season - to desired outcomes to better focus sales efforts

Predictive Sales

Predict a person’s interests based on historical observations of similar people’s interests

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