Facial Recognition

Moving beyond the Password

Passwords now are only minimally effective and not enough for secure environments. They can be borrowed, guessed, or brute force disabled so a password is no replacement for identification security.

Biometric Security Offers

Local Identification

Facial identification can be added to a secure application login process or even required to access a room ensuring that only authorized personnel have access.

Remote Identification

Facial identification can be preformed at distance to eliminate the need to travel to perform secure identification and authorization.

Widefield Identification

Facial identification can be continually performed on multiple targets throughout a facility using all security feeds to monitor for unauthorized people.

Object Identification

Facial identification supplemented with object recognition offers advanced security options.

Offering Enhanced Security to Government and Enterprise

As a leader in the field of security across the Middle East, Blackstone eIT offers a number of technical solutions that implement the state of the art facial recognition and object recognition technologies.

By enhancing your existing security with our facial recognition system, we can offer far more secure identification methods to your existing applications and secure environments. The enhanced capabilities also open new possibilities for secure transactions, authentication, and any other method that relies on correct identification.

Video feed

Imagine automated airport security capabilities that monitor the video feed for known terrorists and alert security personnel immediately when identified. Imagine automated bank teller machines that refuse to provide cash to someone that does not pass the facial ID. Imagine secure government processes that require in person visits being performed remotely eliminating travel requirements and wait times.

The BlackStone eIT ORS Server is a proprietary technology developed by BlackStone eIT to handle our customers’ unanswered needs including image cleaning, aging, and distortion handling. It is based on a state of the art algorithm utilizing a deep learning methodology.

Multilevel security

While the password’s demise is greatly exaggerated, there is a critical need for multilevel security in the most secure government and corporate facilities. Biometrics, in particular facial identification, is growing popular in filling that gap. However, access to a vast facial identification database and the required methodology in a scalable format is still relatively new outside the most secure, best funded government agencies.

How it Works

Blackstone eIT Object Recognition Server is capable of securely receiving either an image or a video feed to provide facial recognition. It is also capable of object recognition for those wishing to use enhanced security methods. We connect your security feeds or application API to our server to perform the desired biometric services and provide the results back to your system. The results can be customized by BlackStone eIT to fit your specific needs. This is a scalable solution that can be scaled to service the most demanding workloads.

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