Emo Scan

Triggering Workflow through Mood Detection

Joy, sadness, anger, surprise, and fear can all be automatically detected in live video feeds and measured collectively or individually for intensity and duration. This insight can be used to drive insights into the population mood, or trigger appropriate proactive workflows.

Emo Scan Advantages

Distilling actionable information from live video feed to provide:

Entertainment Metering

Events or hospitality services can be proactively managed based on Emo Scan telemetry

Company Mood

Collective enterprise camera feeds can provide insight into the well-being and productivity of a company’s employees

Risk Detection

Automatically scan crowds for unwanted emotions such as fear or anger

Enhanced Insight

The emotion detection triggers an appropriate workflow that can include a facial ID scan and building a dossier to assist an agent in an interview or even initiating a security response

Situational Awareness

Early detection and enhanced insight provide optimal situational awareness - is this one person or many and what are they holding?

Crowd Management

By monitoring population mood in key areas, civil unrest can be predicted and proactively managed

Deep Emotional Diagnostics

Enriched creative insights offered from ad viewers based on type and intensity of evoked emotions

Mood-Based Workflow Automation

Imagine an airport security video feed that highlights all faces exhibiting emotions such as fear, anger, or contempt. Perhaps these detected attributes trigger object recognition and a facial recognition search to further highlight high risk targets.

Alerts with contextual information can be provided to front line and secondary support personnel to trigger proactive actions. This technology can just as easily protect baggage claim, a department store, or a bank.

This same technology can detect the population mood in general to detect or predict civil unrest. Installed at universities, court houses, or government sites, security personnel can be alerted in advance to provide an appropriate response, perhaps before an escalation.

How Emo Scan Works

Emo Scan, is part of BlackStone eIT’s cloud-based video analytics platform which includes facial and object recognition, OCR, as well as smart analytics functionality. The Emo Scan API connects directly to your live video feed to identify the specific emotions of individuals and/or the collective attitude as a group to create situational awareness as well as actionable intel. The solution is scalable to offer collective intel from all corporate facilities globally.

Once the specific emotions are identified, actionable intel can trigger automated workflow to provide the desired results depending on the needs of the customer. Emo Scan functionality can be extended through the video analytic platform’s surround solutions such as triggering facial or object recognition for enhanced situational awareness when anger is detected. Emo Scan is customizable, extendable, and scalable to meet any organizational need.

Identify the emotional status of people within live video feeds to create actionable intel.

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