Augmented Reality

Expanding our physical world with AR layers

A view of the physical real-world environment with superimposed computer-generated images, thus changing the perception of reality, is the AR.

Blackstone Augmented Reality


Interactive models for learning and training purposes, from mathematics to chemistry


To help diagnose, monitor, train, localize, etc


For advanced navigation, marking objects in real time


Data on destinations, sightseeing objects, navigation, and directions


Enhancing live events and event streaming by overlaying content

Industrial design

To visualize, calculate or model

Blackstone - Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens is a head-mounted goggle that can project 3D images in front of the wearer and has speakers. In training, the goggles can project a 3D image of a complex part, for example an aircraft engine. The user can rotate the part or disassemble it to examine components and better understand how it works, anyplace or any time, in virtual reality. In short, the application gives students an opportunity to gain or reinforce knowledge without touching actual aircraft parts, activities that are limited in time and location and more expensive to perform.

Watch these two quick demo videos that showcase the power of chatbots, and explain how you can get started with your own process optimizing chatbot.

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