Removing the human failings

Aim is to help organizations and government sectors increase security by removing the human failings of short attention span and replacing it with systems capable of noting the tiniest details.

Crowd Monitoring System

  • Monitoring crowds in crisis situations, classify their behavior and assess the crowd case
  • Human detection in dense crowds
  • Robust algorithm that can detect crowd and provide crowd information, alerts and analytics
Crowds density information

  • Providing Crowd approximative count
  • Alerting when a zone is overcrowded
  • Alerting when a blacklisted face is detected
  • Crowd movement analytics for destination estimate

Human Traffic Analysis

Solution for human counting using normal cameras
Work in Indoor/outdoor areas

Help companies on

  • Measuring impact of marketing campaigns
  • Optimizing staffing based on customer traffic
  • Better targeting Advertisement based on footfall
Can be applied to count people in shopping centers, museums, libraries, events , banks, airports and others

Object Tracking System

Novel solution for a defined object tracking using cameras mounted to moving objects

  • Drones, helicopters.
  • Real time tracking and results.
  • Can continue tracking even if some of the target parts are occluded
  • Can track people in crowded places
  • Can detect, recognize and track vehicles by plate numbers.
Can be applied in
  • Security
  • Criminals/vehicles tracking
  • Crimes investigations

Intrusion Detection System

Immediate detection of attempted/actual intrusion into a prohibited or restricted area
Intrusion nature identification
Providing information about identified persons and intrusion time.
Adaptable to any Intrusion zone shape.
Customizable sensitivity for indoor or outdoor areas for false alarms avoiding.
Image preprocessing in poor imaging environment.
Accurate detection in both day/night modes

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