Transforming the Healthcare Industry with Chatbots and AI

ChatBots are enhancing the way organizations operate both internally and externally. They offer the ability to engage customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right information in a cost-effective manner.

Chatbots are Transforming the Healthcare Experience

For most consumers, the search for a healthcare provider is a frustrating maze of bewildering choices and unanswered questions. Modern consumers want fast, easy access to information; they want a self-service option; and they want their interactions to be engaging and personal.

The healthcare industry is no exception. Using powerful AI-driven algorithms, chatbots help patients, in their native language, along every step of their online journey, from choosing a doctor and finding the nearest location to researching symptoms or accessing refills – and are available 24/7. Chatbots can even follow the patient home as a mobile application with prescription, appointment, or therapy reminders, or post treatment follow-up. Chatbots even drive revenues by converting web trac into appointments quickly filling the appointment calendar.

Unlock the Power of Conversational Chatbot Support

Chatbots can handle most of the heavy lifting for healthcare providers. They can convert website inquiries into appointments with the right professional, they can also document their symptoms and create records with EHR data plus AI-based recommendations to offer better prepared doctors. Mobile versions can follow the patient home to help with post treatment follow up to keep the engagement alive offering advice, refills, and reminders creating loyal patients.

With a personality that reflects your brand, style, and values, your chatbot stays consistent across any access channel like mobile app, text, email, your website, and more to follow your patient through their healthcare experience. A chatbot personality offering your patients instant personalized services at each interaction like a personal assistant creates a relationship with patients that resonates loyalty, creating a brand advocate. The BlackStone eIT chatbot experts and chatbot platform make the planning and execution process easy providing a rapid ROI.

Healthcare ChatBot Advantages

Real-Time Support

Chatbots can schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, or answer questions with 24/7 availability.

Predictive Solutions

Chatbots offer predictive solutions or treatment suggestions using big data, ML, and live customer data.

Insurance Assistance

Access network coverage, approval status, and location or history-based provider recommendation.

Improved Discovery

Integrating chatbot discovery with EHR data to create a real-time longitudinal view of the patient’s health.

Homecare Assistant

Remind and assist patients in homecare such as prescription reminders, refills, therapy journaling, or exercises to mood tracking.

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