Can chatbots handle sophisticated telecommunications customer service?

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In the quickly growing telecommunication industry, it is clear that Internet and smartphones are feeding quick growth, but the industry is also being forced to recognize the threat of disruption. Chatbot technology has been recognized as one emerging tool that will help counter the disruption and afford adopters a competitive advantage.

While aligning your telecommunications firm with quickly changing customer expectations is a difficult notion, chatbots are providing a way through the disruption. This whitepaper provides the following insights into how your firm could be leveraging chatbots for a greater competitive advantage among your telecommunication peers:

  • Provide immediate response times and quicker problem resolution
  • Provide a central source of truth for solution seeking customers
  • Gain more control over the conversation and information flows

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Increase convenience 

Decreasing hold time, and eliminating call routing or transfers, are just a few of many ways chatbots increase convenience for your customers.

Save resources

Once a chatbot is built, you have it indefinitely. It is the one customer service mechanism that can be scaled exponentially with barely any additional resource allocation.

Gain a competitive advantage

With 80% of firms planning to use chatbots by 2020, but most of them having not taken any steps to do so, you can gain an early mover competitive advantage.

24/7 service

No matter the size of your firm, providing 24/7 customer service can be a headache. Chatbots enable all day customer communication.

Watch these two quick demo videos that showcase the power of chatbots, and explain how you can get started with your own process optimizing chatbot.

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