Are Chatbots The Expectation in Aviation?

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Dissatisfied customers complain that resolving a complaint in the air travel industry takes too long, and often ends in a resolution that leaves them unhappy. With customer expectations of immediate resolution becoming more of the norm, the aviation industry has its hands full trying to keep up.

While aligning your aviation firm with customer expectations is a difficult notion, one new technology is helping bridge the gap: chatbots. This whitepaper provides the following insights into how your firm could be leveraging chatbots to better engage customers:

  • Gain the ability to more quickly recognize and resolve customer problems
  • Improve consistency in your customer interactions
  • Experience cost savings and efficiency increases with the automation of chatbots

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Customer Centricity

In a mature industry such as aviation, control needs to rest with the service provider. And yet, chatbots provide an additional layer to help the customers feel like you are giving them the keys to control.

Chatbot Benefits

The benefits of using chatbots in aviation are clear, and this whitepaper provides you with a list of the key reasons you should be considering chatbot technology. 

Decreased Human Error

With chatbots, highly variable customer service situations are handled in the same way each time, which leads to consistency and greater customer satisfaction. 

Service or Skills?

Building a chatbot can be daunting. One of the key questions to ask is should your bot focus on service or skills? This whitepaper will help you find the balance for your aviation chatbot.

Watch these two quick demo videos that showcase the power of chatbots, and explain how you can get started with your own process optimizing chatbot.

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