Intelligent Attendance System

From the beginning of biometric recognition system, fingerprint is the most reliable recognition system around the world. Many law enforcement agencies, banks, institutions and private organizations choose fingerprint biometric over other modalities. But, with the advent of biometric technology, more technologies are breathing down fingerprint recognition’s neck.

The most prominent recognition technologies are facial recognition, iris scanning, and voice biometrics to name a few. We are hearing a lot of news about face recognition vs fingerprint these days. So, we will try to break down the differences between face recognition and fingerprint biometrics today.

Accuracy & Cost

Fingerprint recognition is a highly trustable system in terms of accurate measurement. But, it also has some drawbacks and fails to analyze perfectly in several cases like rough environment. Dirt, grease to employee’s fingers are very common in this type of situation. Additionally, if any damages occur to a person’s finger, he will be definitely in deep water. Face recognition system works differently. It analyzes from multiple aspects including the placement of eye, cheeks, ears etc. that brings the lowest error rate in this modality.

Biometric technology, more specifically fingerprint recognition is undoubtedly a very effective solution to fight against the intruders. But, it is also true that the price of this solution is expensive and unaffordable for many small companies. Apart from the software, a company also has to buy high-quality fingerprint device separately. Blackstone eIT Face recognition technology doesn’t require high-end cameras. It can work with the regular cameras such as mobile phones, tablets, webcams etc. which are integrated without any cost and available to public.

Traditional Attendance Systems


  • Manual time tracking is time consuming
  • Inefficient and outdated
  • Employees can commit time theft
  • Not scalable to manage high number of employees or shift and remote workers.


Hand-dust or excessive handwashing damage print recognition Not hygienic

Iris Scan

Time Consuming Obscured by eyelashes, lenses, reflections

Attendance Card

Buddy punching Card can be lost

Blackstone HR Attendance Tracking System


  • Removes the risk of Manual Errors
  • Fast, hygienic, easy to use
  • Prevents buddy punching
  • Automated plus Accurate
  • Track more than time (illness ,moods)
  • Fool-proof Biometric Technology


  • Match the face against the HR profile image (Image/Country ID/passport)
  • Log time-in / time-out /breaks/Absences
  • Analyze delays/overtimes
  • Company internal rules configuration (delays/lunch break/breaks/compensations/rounding rules)

Management console

  • Filter, group and analyze attendance/absences
  • Manage employee groups (calendar-based shift classes)
  • Consult reports

Surveillance Cameras for attendance tracking

Detecting faces while employees are walking frontally towards camera with normal speed. At the onset of building an interlinked loyalty network, large loyalty rewards program providers with well-developed programs will have unique opportunities to offer value-added services to other businesses.

Time efficient

Employees don’t need to stand with a screen to confirm facial recognition Head covers (helmets/scarf..) don’t foil recognition if eyes and mouth are detected. Can detect/recognize all faces in one single video feed

Self-Attendance mobile app

  • Scanning the face using mobile camera
  • Logging the location using GPS
  • Android/iOS mobile app Cloud technology: no server, software installation is needed

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